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Malagasy Miray as a reliable and objective citizen media

In more than one year, some people were trying to post some reliable information and others post information biased by their political affiliation. Malagasy communities around the world were looking for what really happened in their country but they are not satisfied of what Malagasy digital media give to them.

On one hand, some news online seems to be reliable. News from Internet website are felt as true and sometimes as scoops. People think they do not need to verify what they read and they do not need to buy any classic media to crosscheck information. Computers, web and new technologies get up to the highest level of knowledge and that is the way these people conclude so do information on these new media.

On the other hand, bloggers report what they see, what they feel and what they hear about the fact. Some of them in Madagascar give their own analysis of one or more situations. As far as I am concerned, those last twelve months were very tough and hard because we have to pay attention of what we write about and post on our weblog. This is due to the fear of military violence and some special repressive force that can arrest you because of what you write.

New tools and new media were very helpful during this crisis. We look at twitter and Facebook to get informed and receive information about what really matter and where action is. After that we group all information we get and put them on a post with our personal analysis. We know some our friends live in which part of the town so their status can be reliable. After that, we try to crosscheck from those famous website such as,, or

Some virtual «friends» in our Facebook account seem to be more informed than us and some of them gave details of each situation. With these method, we were, for example, able to situate where the dam protesters and where is that bombs have exploded. So we share what we got to help readers avoid these obstacles.

With one post, we can obtain some comments from all parts. These contribute to improve what we give to become valuable information. And it will be possible for us to remember those day with all details included in the information. We create our history«

But the way we blog in Madagascar is not only to inform but contribute to express ourselves and reduce the bad feelings due to the social and political crisis. It is also a good mean of everyday life improvement. In fact, it can be qualified as a good therapy against frustration and personal disappointment.

In fine, I know some Malagasy and foreign journalists and reporters read our articles and can use them to develop and crosscheck what they got from their own source. We think global and we act local.

J'aime ma patrie et je souhaite le bien des malagasy

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