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August 8th, a day to remember

For once, we’ll try to go over the fence and talk about anything else that is not always directly related to travelling to Madagascar.
So why is this date a day to remember? As you may guess (if not, you know it now), Madagascar is going through a political crisis now, and both 4 presidents of this third republic are now meeting together in Maputo-Mozambique in order to settle for a commonly accepted solution as the way forward, and… It is expected that a decision be made and published today.

One of my colleague gently reminded me that if no decision is taken today, next week will begin with August 10th- which is usually associated to a bloody day in Madagascar.August 10th 2009 will mark the 18th year of 1991.

Nothing exciting? …Yes, I do agree. So, despite such negative feelings/events, I just wanted to finish with a joyful note to mark this august 8th: « takariva any mahavelona » is 2 hours from now.This is a meeting between tourists and local which goal is to showcase that despite all of these ugly images picturing Madagascar, and although this touristic season is considered as a « dead one », travelling to Madagascar is still an experience worth a try.We initiated this event with a german tour operator (, just met them this morning, we’ll try to give you a sense of what’s happening during the event if you just followed the hashtag « mahavelona » on twitter(
Finally, I’ll chose to remember this august 8th as a date where positive things can happen despite all.

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  • Mitiyu

    Let’s hope it will not be the end of our independance… Madagascar for Malagasy and malagasy for the best future of Madagascar. (Why not?)

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