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Malgachoscopie: You know you’re Malagasy when…

You know yousquowhawydre Malagasy when:

Your last name is at least 10 letters long and contains lots of A’s

When people ask you about your race, you have no idea what to say

You have never been afraid of skin cancer even though you go to the beach very often

When in your family, taboo and tradition takes precedence over the law

You eat rice at least twice a day

You have heard that kicking walls or burning green plants will kill your grandmother

You have been pissed waiting on the traffic policeman to give you the right of way at a crossroad

You have been to an exhumation and a circumcision

You know that the alphabet only have 21 letters

You know the group Mahaleo

When you die yousquowhawydll be buried in a family tomb

Every Comorian for you is a Mamadou and every white person is a Vazaha

When it comes to sports, you think football is the biggest, and rugby and pickpockets are related

You think sweet beans are gross

You get paid to go to public university

You have taken at least 2 foreign languages in school

You have driven in a 2 way street which is the exactly the width of 2 cars but you made it safely

You know that we burry navel cords ( tadim-poitra) and you actually know where yours is buried

You drive without any speed limits

You know which of the 18 tribes you belong to

Your mom told you that if you don’t wear your shoes, your stomach will hurt

You have at least one family member living in France

You eat the bones as well as the meat

You know that price is never definite, you always have to bargain

You try to hold back tears when someone dies but you cry when your favorite soccer team loses

At night, you are afraid of witches and ghosts

When it’s sunny after the rain, it means a witch just died

Your mom told you you can’t point at tombs because your fingers will fall off

You have never seen snow when you grew up in Madagascar

Your grandma walks around with an umbrella on sunny days

Your family sees an astrologer before doing something important

You have to walk over a fire when you come back from a funeral

At least once in your life, you got bored listening to a « kabary » that was too long

When you get married, there are 5 steps: fisehoana, vodiondry, fiancaille, soratra, mariage


Do any of these sound familiar to you?? They do to me. And by all means, I am PROUD to be MALAGASY, arensquowhawydt you?

Malagasy Native By Rotsy R.

Auteur: Rotsy R.
posted on Facebook on Wednesday, Nov 22

found by Lova and posted at malagasy miray by Harinjaka

Avec l’autorisation de Rotsy R.

Photo of kids by Morgane /Malagasy Native by Rotsy R.

22 commentaires

  • lova

    Tres belle photo. En parlant de facebook, il y a 25 etudiants malgaches a Abilene, TEX (TCU). Probablement la plus dense concentration de Malgaches/ Universite en terre anglophone. Go Texas !

  • Tattum

    25 out of 34! Feel like pretty proud to be Malagasy with that score! 🙂
    My favourite one: « you eat the bones as well as the meat »!

  • Lilia

    I did 15…. Is there something wrong with me doctor ?
    I picked out that one « At least once in your life, you got bored listening to a «kabary» that was too long » 😀

  • Vola

    IL y en aurait plein d’autres à rajouter ceci dit…

    Tu sais que tu es malgache lorsque tu passes beaucoup plus de temps à t’excuser et à formuler ta pensée à l’aide d’images bien choisies … qu’à dire ce que tu penses réellement et de manière directe.

    (elle est illisible cette phrase, désolée tgif)

  • JoGanY

    Pinaiz c’est vraiment parce que je suis BUSY DE CHEZ BUSY.COM mais je laisse un com’ vite fait pour faire bisoux à mes petits potos de la blogasphère et aussi pour me la péter un peu….lol..
    Mon petit cousin Laza est à Abilene avec les 25 étudiants, bon ben voilà ct les scoops de la semaine

    besas a todos


  • Rotsy

    Hay ve betsaka ohatrizao ny olona mijery an’ity blog ity e!! faly mahafantatra anareo rehetra zay mbola tsy fantatro zany e!!
    Rotsy ny anarako de aty ABilene, Texas aloha no misy ahy hatramin’izao!!
    N’hesitez pas a m’ecrire! vous pouvez aussi me joindre au msn jaderotsy[at]hotmail[dot]com

    Désolé mais c’est un reflex automatique 🙂 J’ai édité l’affichage de ton adresse mail pour éviter tout spammage 😉 | Many

  • Tattum

    Rotsy> Dia faly mahafantatra anao torak’izany. Ary manasa anao ho anisany Malag@sy miray, toa an’i Tomavana, efa miandry ny tohiny.

    Many> super équipe 😉

  • Crjo

    Je sais que je debarque un peu mais je trouve ces allégations tellement vraies 🙂

    sinon pour info : « You know that we burry navel cords ( tadim-poitra) and you actually know where yours is buried » 🙂

    En fait, on est pas les seuls dans ce cas, car c’est une coutume des peuplades mélanésiens (je crois que ca s’écrit comme ca).Donc du coup, il y a quelques pays dans les iles polynésiennes qui ont les mêmes coutumes.

  • Tattum

    Crjo> j’avais en effet vu un reportage à ce sujet, comme quoi nous ne sommes pas les seuls.. D’ailleurs, ça me dirait bien un de ces jours d’y aller comme en pélerinage, telle une odyssée aux sources. 🙂

    Sipagasy> tonga soa, mandroso ary aza misalasala raha tehy andray anjara eto.

  • manalina

    Every time I read this post it reminds me my math teacher during my 1st year in college, here in Paris. After seeing my name he told me : « Weird. Your name is short and so easy to spell. You sure you’re malagasy ? » … well, hold on a sec, gonna ask my parents =D

  • Tahina

    – You also don’t forget to give a little to the « Razana » before drinking alcohol lool
    – You know how to play katro
    – You’ve ever cried at the Independence avenue because you’re mom didn’t want to buy you an ice cream at « Blanche neige »
    – On June 26, you ask money to mom and dad to buy as maximum of matches lol


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