Seager wore a grin. His comment sounded like the innocuous exuberance of a 23 year old superstar, one who is crucial to the team’s hopes of ending a 28 season World Series drought. Yet it also hinted at a lingering source of tension between Seager and the Dodgers, a situation that has frustrated the shortstop and provided a backdrop for his slump ridden September.

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Bell avait conserv une moyenne de,364 avec deux circuits et six points produits avant de se blesser une cuisse Sioux Falls, le 27 mai. son premier match dans la ligue Can Am, il avait frapp un double, un triple et un circuit. Il est l’un des meilleurs joueurs cubains de la dernire dcennie et revendique 138 circuits en 14 saisons en Serie Nacional.

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« It’s been tough, » Geathers said. « Me dealing with what I’m dealing with, not trying to clutter my teammates with it and things like that and just watching from a far, putting in my two cents here and there when I can. It’s been tough, but it’s been a journey that I needed to go through. ».

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