But it makes you and the other person creeped out. It keeps you away from his facility/gym. I am happy you stay away. Maybe this is part of his different approach. Well anyway that just what I observed.There probably a little more to it, or maybe I completely wrong. I guess we see how it all plays out.He gassed badly in Nate 1 but this was at 170, plus he had recently been treated for Staph, which will have negatively affected his endurance, plus he admits he prepared poorly.In Nate 2 he gassed again, but was much better conditioned overall and was able to last 5 rounds of pressure with good fight IQ once again this fight was at 170, and he didn have a huge amount of time to build his endurance.Against Floyd he gassed and was TKO however this was a short camp where he had to adapt to boxing, and he deliberately spent the first 3 4 rounds trying to overwhelm a supremely skilled opponent.However, in all of his other fights, at 145 and 155 he has not seemed to have this trouble.

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