They’re always trying to find a way to improve as an organization, as they should. If you’re blessed to be in the front office, that’s what your job is. To find ways to improve. I don think there is anything truly surprising in the results, but I will detail the answers to every survey question below and highlight anything particularly interesting.We received 1100 responses to this survey, which is actually far more than any other survey we ever done, so thank you to all who answered and made this possible!For age, 85% of you are under 28 years old and 84.9% of you are male. For those interested,.5% answered the gender question with « Other ».As far as education goes, 33.5% of you are still in school working toward a first degree, and 37% have a Bachelor Degree.This should come as no surprise to anyone, but 45% of you reported that you are still in school with no professional experience, and another 45% have less than 5 years experience in the industry. 81.8% of you are either students or working in a full time, permanent job..

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