I loved this manga as well. They did some of the former, but they are doing terribly with the latter. And if this IS the end of the battles the the end of the story, I extremely underwhelmed. And although financial struggles don’t bog down the lighthearted tone, they remind viewers that well off teenagers aren’t the only ones who deserve to let loose on screen.Maia Mitchell, left, and Camila Morrone play teenage waitresses looking to escape their Texas hometown in « Never Goin’ Back. » (Clay Grier/A24)Because of its girls gone bad premise, which Frizzell clings to for dear life, « Never Goin’ Back » has been compared to « Spring Breakers » (also from indie studio A24). There are few notable plot points here: a good portion of the meandering movie, which relies heavily on bodily fluid centric humor, follows Angela and Jessie on a quest to launder their work uniforms. At times, it seems as though there is no point to the lowbrow movie at all.The supporting characters’ shenanigans eventually wear thin, save for a hilarious attempted robbery in which Dustin believes that wearing sheer pantyhose as a mask will conceal his identity.

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