Trump has spurred hundreds of women to run for office

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buy canada goose jacket cheap Michelle Mortensen, Republican candidate for Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District seat, is a Canada Goose Jackets former television journalist and one of a record number of Republican women running for office this year. (Bridget Bennett/For The Washington Post) buy canada goose jacket cheap

canada goose coats on sale People almost always recognize her: the wide, gleaming smile, the glossy chestnut curls, the perfectly set TV makeup, even in the 87 degree heat of the desert in late April. So when Michelle Mortensen raps Canada Goose online on the doors of the stucco houses in Henderson, Nev., on Canada Goose Online a gusty canada goose clearance afternoon and says that she’s running for Congress, the voters who answer are sometimes a little star struck. canada goose coats on sale

« Well, look at you! » says one woman as she takes the candidate’s flier and gazes up at the real live Mortensen standing before her. She opens the screen door a little wider to get buy canada goose jacket a better look. « You look exactly the same, » she announces.

buy canada goose jacket The woman liked Mortensen when she appeared on Channel 8, reporting on consumer affairs. For six years, viewers in need would email or tweet or call her hotline to ask for help with the crippling problems of everyday life. She turned around wrongful foreclosures, assisted veterans in getting their benefits, procured a wheelchair for a canada goose coats boy with no arms or legs after Medicaid had denied him six canada goose uk black friday times. Got a problem? Tell Michelle. buy canada goose jacket

Now, though, the problem she needs to fix isn’t insistent bill collectors or derelict slumlords. It’s her own industry. She’s running for Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District seat to expose the liberal bias of the mainstream media. She has been in the trenches, seen it firsthand. People have even started calling her « the little female Donald Trump, » she tells me. We’re sharing a late lunch at a hip gastropub after she’s done door knocking for the day, reveling in the air conditioning and the cheesy tater tots. (Well, I’m stealing her tots, because she ordered a burger and I ordered a kale salad.)

Canada Goose Jackets « I tell it canadian goose jacket like it is, » she says. Bruno Mars’s « Grenade » thumps appropriately from the speaker. « I pull no punches. I fight for people. I get things done. » Canada Goose Jackets

She’s a first time candidate, running without her party’s support. Like the president, she’s not exactly the model of a typical politician. And, like Canada Goose Outlet Trump, she understands just how much that narrative captivates the media. House and Senate candidacies of a record breaking number of liberal women including those who are likely running, the tally is almost 400 Mortensen is part of a related but different trend: She’s one of the more than 140 Republican women running or likely running for Congress this year, compared with 107 who ran in 2016. These women didn’t march after Trump’s inauguration, and you definitely Canada Goose Parka won’t see them wearing pussyhats. Many are running for the first time, without the backing of Washington elites and, inspired by the president’s improbable rise, they’ve taken on his brash tone and insurgent tactics, virtually campaigning in his image. The « pink wave, » it turns out, has shades of red.

cheap Canada Goose Businesswoman Lena Epstein, a canada goose uk shop candidate for Michigan’s 11th District seat, co chaired Donald Trump’s Michigan campaign in 2016. « I represent that same tenacity, » she says. (Rachel Woolf/For The Washington Post) cheap Canada Goose

Canada Goose online The historic number of Republican women running isn’t an accident, Rep. They’re the fruits of a recruitment strategy expressly designed to get more conservative women to run. At 33, Stefanik, vice chair of recruitment for the National Republican Congressional Committee, is the youngest woman in Congress. She asked for the recruitment gig, she tells me, because she wanted to tap more « nontraditional candidates » like herself. « I have met with many, many women, » she says. She’ll call them, host them canada goose black friday sale when they visit Washington, answer their questions. She’ll uk canada goose put them in touch with members who’ve faced challenges like their own, as when she connected Ashley Nickloes, a lieutenant colonel in the Tennessee Air National Guard and a mom of four who’s running in Tennessee’s 2nd Congressional District, with Rep. Martha Roby (R Ala.), who had young children when she first ran for Congress in 2010. Canada Goose online

canada goose black friday sale But the increase in female Republican candidates is also happening organically and not necessarily on the establishment’s terms. Trump « has made it possible for someone like me, » Mortensen says. He didn’t follow the prescribed route to the White House, inching his way up the political ladder. His victory showed her that « you could win elections simply by being more qualified and by getting things done. » canada goose black friday sale

Canada Goose Outlet Working at stations from Louisiana to Arkansas to New York, Mortensen, who’s originally from the San Francisco area, says she saw the media’s liberal bias in action more times than she could canada goose clearance sale count. There was the day, during the George W. Bush administration, when a station decided not to cover a visit from first lady Laura Bush because, Mortensen believes, she was a Republican. « ‘Everything about this is news, » she recalls telling her team. « You not covering it simply because it’s not the party that you particularly align yourself with, and you think the majority of your viewers are liberal? That’s ridiculous and it’s disgusting. » Canada Goose Outlet

canada goose clearance sale Particularly galling was the bias she says she observed during the 2016 Republican and Democratic national conventions. Her local station in Nevada picked up coverage from CBS, which, she argues, was egregiously lopsided. Every dispatch from the Democrats’ event, in her telling, focused on the historic nature of Hillary Clinton’s nomination. Recalling the coverage, she puts an obsequious lilt in her voice: « ‘Oh, my god, Hillary is amazing. We love her!' » canada goose clearance sale

After spending nearly two decades in newsrooms across the country, she’d had enough. Mortensen always thought that news was a noble profession, dedicated to holding the powerful accountable and giving voice to the powerless all that stuff they taught her in journalism school at Southern Methodist University. Somewhere along the way, though, it got twisted. « If news canada goose store isn’t gonna hold people accountable, if news isn’t gonna tell people’s stories, if news isn’t gonna get the truth out there, » she tells me in a Southern accent she picked up working below the Mason Dixon line for so many years, « maybe we just need some politicians who will do that. »

Canada Goose sale What liberal bias is not, she asserts forcefully, is fake news. Here, she differs from the president, who has impugned whole media organizations, including CNN, BuzzFeed and The Washington Post. « Fake news, » she says, « is when people are actually saying things that are verifiably untrue. » She avoids my question about Trump’s more expansive definition. Canada Goose sale

canada goose clearance Mortensen, 41, speaks in the uncomplicated language of everyday people. She long ago mastered the art canada goose coats on sale of breaking down complex issues into a 90 second news story. « The Republican Party should be jumping up and down and cheering for joy that someone like me wants to join their ranks » she says, « because they are in desperate, desperate need of someone who can communicate. » canada goose clearance

canada goose After the first Republican debate, in 2015, when Trump tossed a grenade onto the stage with his incendiary rhetoric, she recognized his gift for getting across a message in a sea of run of the mill politicians. « I said right canada goose away, ‘This man’s gonna win this thing,' » she recalls. « Because he said exactly what the people wanted to hear. » canada goose

Canada Goose Parka It’s easy to see how she cultivated the trust of people in Nevada for years, encouraging them to bring her their problems. She has an easy laugh and an inviting smile. As she tells me stories about her husband, a Pentecostal pastor she met after attending his church in Vermont (she’s also a licensed pastor), or her daughters, who are 6 and 3, she breaks into a seemingly endless lineup of voices (the vestiges of a ventriloquism hobby she picked up at a grade school church camp). At her evangelical church one recent Sunday morning, she greets her many friends warmly and sings along soulfully to the worship songs. After mulling over a run for months, it was here, at the International Church of Las Vegas, that she decided to cheap canada goose uk go for it. Canada Goose Parka

She quit her job Canada Goose Coats On Sale in November and days later launched her bid for the Nevada 3rd, one of the most competitive races in the country. It was a crowded field nine candidates vying for the GOP nomination but she had the most name recognition, thanks to her years on TV.

And then, as so often happens, Trump blew it all up with a tweet. « It would be great for the Republican Party of Nevada, and it’s unity if good guy Danny Tarkanian would run for Congress and Dean Heller, who is doing a really good job, could run for Senate unopposed! » the president tweeted in March, on the last day candidates could file. Tarkanian, the son of legendary college basketball coach Jerry Tarkanian, dropped out of the Senate race and joined the Republican primary in the 3rd District.

canada goose store That’s when, Mortensen says, the party tried to quash her campaign. « I had so many people elitists and men try to tell me that I had to bow out and be a good little girl, » she tells me. « Why? Why do I have to do what you say? Don’t the voters get to decide? » She stayed in the race. canada goose store

canada goose coats Tarkanian touts his endorsement from the president, but Mortensen says buy canada goose jacket cheap that’s wishful thinking. « Where did you see the word ‘endorsement’ or ‘support’ in there? » she says of the tweet. (Tarkanian’s campaign spokesman, Richard Hernandez, told me in a statement that the campaign had confirmation from Trump’s team of legitimate support. « The fact that one of our opponents thinks that an endorsement would ever be based solely on a tweet underscores their profound lack of political prowess, » he says.) canada goose coats

A March poll had Tarkanian leading by cheap Canada Goose 27 points ahead of the June 12 primary. But Mortensen insists that she’s always been a fighter. She notes that Tarkanian has run for office in Nevada six times before to no avail and conjures up one of Trump’s favorite insults: « Why would anyone back a loser? »

Epstein at the grand opening of her campaign office on May 5. (Rachel Woolf/For The Washington Post)

It was August 2016, and before a Trump rally in Dimondale, Mich., a suburb of Lansing, Lena Epstein had a few minutes to chat with the future president. The Michigan business executive, who helps run her family’s automotive lubricant company, was one of Trump’s earliest supporters in the state and would soon be appointed co chair of his canada goose factory sale Michigan campaign. Standing backstage, he asked her: How are we doing in the polls?

She offered him some practical Midwestern guidance. « You are speaking to uk canada goose outlet the hearts and minds and souls and spirit of Americans across this great state who have felt neglected and left behind, » Epstein, 37, recalls telling him. « Respectfully, I would request that you get out there and give the American people what they want and need. » Trump Canada Goose sale thanked her and went out to address the crowd of 5,000. « He followed that great advice and he gave a speech of a lifetime, » she tells me. (In it, he asked of black voters, « What do you have to lose by trying something new like Trump? »)

canada goose deals He was the only candidate, Epstein says, who could cut through the Beltway’s dysfunction. He built real things: golf courses and office towers and hotels. Unlike Washington, which rarely did much of anything, he had « a proven track record canada goose outlet of getting things done. » canada goose deals.