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moncler outlet online Dustin Johnson wins US Open after overcoming one shot penalty controversy and Shane Lowry at OakmontThe American, 31, beat Lowry by three shots to win the US Open at Oakmont as the Irishman squandered his hopes of landing a first ever major01:04, 20 JUN 2016Updated15:52, 13 cheap moncler outlet JUL 2016Dustin Johnson celebrates his US Open success with partner Paulina Gretzky and son Tatum (Image: Getty Images) The American, 31, beat Lowry who finished tied third with Jim Furyk and Scott Piercy by three shots at four under par to win the US Open at Oakmont as the Irishman squandered his hopes of landing a first ever major with a disastrous final round.Johnson duly celebrated with his toddler son Tatum running onto the green alongside his fiancee Paulina Gretsky but only after officials reviewed a potentially costly fifth hole green address.USGA officials kept Johnson and the rest of the golfing world on its toes as they debated whether Johnson had addressed the ball twice, causing it to move.In the end, after the American concluded his round, they decided to penalise Johnson by a shot.Asked how he coped cheap moncler with the uncertainty of the situation, Johnson said: « I knew I moncler sale was swinging well and I just kept thinking it’s just me and the course. »I’m playing against the course. I can’t control what anyone else does. »Yet their lengthy review caused an uproar as Johnson was forced to continue his quest for glory despite having the threat of a penalty sanction looming over him.World No 3 Rory McIlroy led the outcry, labelling the USGA inquest as « amateur hour » and said if it happened to him, he wouldn’t have hit another shot until it was resolved.He tweeted: « This is ridiculous. No penalty whatsoever for DJ moncler outlet online.