Check where I marked the orange piece to find the vertical slit. The blue x goes in this slit. Then the upper left corner of the blue piece gets tucked into the left edge of the slit. During the course of more than 39 groundbreaking months inside a trademark blue green studio, Piers Morgan welcomed a diverse combination of headline grabbing newsmakers, influential religious leaders and political power players.But as multi faceted as was his collection of guests, the host goals always reflected a singular approach: ask thought provoking questions, tell great stories and share unique perspective. Primetime hour regularly made viewers think, occasionally made guests cry and always made for good television.In his more than three years as host of CNN premier interview program, Piers Morgan deftly navigated the fine line between invasive and inquisitive, keeping his A List guests on their toes, while keeping America on the edge of its proverbial seat.And as a result, for 39 months, the coveted nine o time slot was home to jaw dropping explosions, passionate outbursts and raw, powerful questions and confrontations.Thirty one years later, another woman of color has leaped into the hearts of America, as Lupita Nyong born six months before Williams win earned the 2014 Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, in the process becoming an instant media darling.Prior to Nyong win at the Oscars, the 31 year old with dual Kenyan and Mexican citizenship gave an impassioned speech at the annual Black Women in Hollywood Luncheon in California, admitting that as a young girl she prayed for lighter skin, as her dark complexion subjected her to ridicule and feelings of inadequacy.Admitting to wishing she « would wake up lighter skinned, » the Years A Slave actress went on to explain how the emergence of model Alek Wek, who like herself boasted skin as night, helped her to embrace her own beauty.Listening to a portion of Nyong speech alongside Piers Morgan, Williams reacted with nothing but praise and admiration:think that speech is extremely elegant. I think she is an extraordinary example of a young talent and a true beauty.

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