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Great nations came after great fight

I was wondering how former political crisis in Madagascar could really help the country to improve its way of living and its economy. Building a « great » nation is not such an easy thing but it could be very helpful to benchmark what was hapenning to the nations which have known war and big troubles.

Malagasy should learn from the others…

When I was in Jozi, I visited the Mandela House in Soweto, I think it is located in Orlando West. This small house is plenty of great symbols. The story is that it was the first house « Madiba » really owned himself and he is very proud of it. 27 or 28 years in jail was not so lost. Those years contribute to strenghten the new era foundation.

Madagascar is not so far from South Africa, it is within 3 hours flight from Johannesburg in South Africa. The main symbol of this house reminds me some other amazing stories of great nations that had known war. I was thinking about Germany, Japan, China, The USA, and so forth. I knew much more about apartheid and I could feel black peoplesquowhawyds frustration during this tough part of their story.

In 2010, Madagascar will celebrate its 50th independence anniversary. Sometimes, I am asking myself if we are truly inependent. I have my own idea but it would be « politically incorrect » as we can say it in french. Let’s say : 50 years of manipulation and lie. It is said malagasy people are lazy. Sure, they could be but the right way was not shown to them.

People around me were trying to compare the actual life of former british and french colonies. some of these guys think that Madagascar ought to have belonged to commonwealth… As far as I am concerned, this idea is not so good if we take look at what happen to Zimbabwe. And how about Rwanda, Bosnia, Irak and Libanon? These countries had also known some big troubles and how is it about now? I don’t know but in my opinion, they are in the right track to succeed. I might be wrong but we can explore this way.

J'aime ma patrie et je souhaite le bien des malagasy

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