When I saw this photo uploaded by AMELIA on Flickr two months ago, I immediately recognized the flag of Madagascar and today, I want to share it here … Just’ imagine this white cloud covering this part of blue sky …


The three colors of the Malagasy flag in its naturalness: Fotsy – Mena – Maintso (white- red and green) Not photoshoped (you can check it).

The red, color of sovereignty, force of the Malagasy State, represented by sunshine, mixed with the green synonymous of nature, biodiversity, and also « hope », by the grass.


wars produce more wars Originally uploaded by Amelia PS.

And the white, purity of heart and the honesty of the Malagasy people represented by the clouds sighting in the sky.

White clouds Originally uploaded by tanminivan.

*** The Madagascar flag was officially adopted on October 14, 1958.